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What we do…

While we do photography, the focus of this website are our photography workshops – on the street and on-line. We want to offer you a fully immersive and hands-on photography experience – watch this space for more details…

Who we are…

In the time that Rogan has been in the business of photography, he’s been a commercial photographer specialising in architectural, corporate branding and editorial photography, a visual storyteller, a website developer, web content developer, writer, teacher, trainer and more besides. Rogan has lived and worked in the UK, Canada, southern Africa and Hong Kong and, has travelled extensively across Asia.

Rogan Coles
Tourists taking selfies on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong


Other than a camera, what more does one need? Just about everyone out there is a photographer these days – cellphone or no cellphone. 

But, that’s just about the half of it. Taking a picture is one thing, getting someone to buy it or to hire you is something else entirely. 

All in all, there’s the packaging – meaning the marketing, the management, the preparation, attitude, diplomacy and more. These aren’t skills learned, they are acquired and it all takes time.

Failure is as much as part of this game as is success. You want to be a photographer? Then, you really need to ask yourself, “Have I got what it takes”?


Some years back I had a friend ask, “I want you to teach me photography”. My reply, “How much time have you got”? 

There’s education and there’s education. When I started out, it was either starting in a press darkroom or, working as an assistant.

Today, we live in a very different world. There’s now so much choice out there – from degree based college programmes through to a whole range of online courses to, being on the road somewhere participating in a hands-on photography workshop.

When the learning stops, so does pretty much else.

Rural school - South Africa


For our commercial work we use Canon gear and a range of prime and specialist lenses – as in Canon’s Tilt and Shift lenses – a must for architectural photography. For my personal street photography  I use Fujifilm gear plus a couple of lenses.


To manage our digital workflow, we use:

  1. Adobe Lightroom
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Capture One Pro
  4. NikSoftware

and other featured software


Currently we are using an ASUS PA249 colour calibrated monitor to handle our digital image process and prep work.




We use WinTel computers  to handle our digital workflow and to manage our business

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Some of the gear we use

In the course of the work we, featured below are some of the products we use on a day to day basis – be this cameras, tripods and other associated photography gear through to computer hardware, software and other peripherals. All in a day’s work – so, they say.

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Artist Statement

On this page you can read about what Rogan does and what inspires him. You will a list of exhibtions in which he has participated.

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On this page you will find of a year by year time line of Rogan's career in photography

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On this page you will find some background on what went into building this website.

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In passing the hat around, we are asking for your support. In developing this particular website, we have reached a bend in the river, so to speak. The basic development work is now done. We are now move on the next step – creating content for this website – blog posts, tutorials and more.  Join the adventure. You will be rewarded in due course.