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This website is new as in NEW – a work in progress. It is also MAGNIFICENT – and here, dear reader, the emphasis is on the MAG part – as in MAGNUS – meaning “great” and less so on the -FICENT part, which eludes to the grandeur or admiration thing. The point? The reference here is to the effort in putting this site together.

It’s been quite a buzz watching this website evolve. Things have been chopped and changed around. We’ve used one page builder and then another. We’ve looked at this and looked at that, optimised this and optimised that and, all of this in the hope of providing you, dear reader, with an elegant and edifying user experience.

A view of Kowloon from Tamar Gardens in Hong Kong.

Website Credits

... giving credit where it's due

To develop and create this site, we’ve currently deployed the following services and tools:

  • BLOCKSY – The front end of this website is based on Blocksy – developed by Creative Themes. Blocksy is touted as being a “WordPress theme”. In fact, it’s a lot more than that. Perhaps it could be better described as a theme builder. It’s kind of based on WordPress’s Gutenberg set up but, a lot more flexible and, to my mind, easier to manage and/or use. 
  • ELEMENTOR – We use Elementor, a “free” WordPress Website Builder, to make all the good things happen on this website. Most of the design elements featured across the site have been put together using Elementor. This has made life so much easier – rather then hard or hand coding everything as I have more or less don in the past.
  • WORDPRESS – what more can I say? WordPress just makes it happen – as in handling all the back-end operations and functions.
  • DIGITAL OCEAN – well, none of this could have ever happened without a decent web hosting service. I got tired of “shared” web hosting and decided to set up my own VPS. This meant getting involved with and setting up a LAMP operation – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP – to handle all the heavy lifting stuff that enables us to do what we have done here . Digital Ocean Inc. is a USA based provider of premium Internet Services. They have a real good deal going whereby, if you use my referral code, you get a $50 credit to initially try out their services. If you like what they have going, obviously you’ll stay around for longer. Also, Digital Ocean provides some of the better documentation and “how to’s” compared to many of the other hosting companies offering similar services out there – and, to date, I’ve tried quite a few. That Digital Ocean referral link

Here’s the thing – for a long while people – especially family and friends – have been wondering what the hell it is that I do with my time?

Well, here it is. Creating these websites is a bit like writing a novel – as in a whole of lot of cogitation and then, the long, long process of getting into that effort – meaning long and often solitary hours. And, quite often, never too sure where this effort might be headed and, if ever, whether it will work out.

As they say, “Great work is seldom created by chance”. Nor is “great work” created alone or in the dark, so to speak.

The development of this particular web site has been long in the making – since the beginning of 2020. In the process, there have been many who have contributed and helped in their way along this path. While few have been directly involved, there are many who have helped out indirectly. I am deeply indebted to all those people who are continually putting out their helpful tutorials and “how to” videos on YouTube, the many online tutorials, all the advice proffered on many of the forums referencing one aspect or other of setting up a an internet service, website fundamentals and whatever is requited to get this show on the road. Then, there are all the developers whose efforts go into the making of all the services and plugins used to make this website operational. To all these people, I owe you my gratitude and profound thanks for enabling this effort – none of this would have been possible or could have ever happened without that assistance or help – a big THANK YOU to you all.

Smithfield Market
A Chinese opera performance during the Festival of the Hungry Ghost in Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong.

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Hey, it’s not that we want to spoil the party but, it helps to have a few policies in place – to both help us and to help you. While not a likely to be a place where many may go, listed below are links to our various website policies. Check them out when you can …